Information about Bank & Lawyers in Spain

Appointing a lawyer
BOHA Estates S.L. will ensure that all of our client's will be take care of in a professional way. We have therefore choosed the best partner's in the business.

There are many excellent local lawyers in Spain who are fluent in your language. For Scandinavian clients is it several Norwegian and Swedish lawyers as well.

A lawyer will provide the legal guarantees for the purchase of the property ensuring that Spanish legal requirements are met and that the property is bought free of encumbrances, charges, liens or debt and is up to date in all its payments of local contributions and community charges etc.
Lawyers will tell you in advance what their fee will be - usually one percent of the purchase price.

We will like to recomand our cooperating firm RR Abogados who are a well-know Lawyer firm in Marbella. The firm is specializing in real estate & propert law's and all of the employees speak fluent English.

For all of our Norwegian clients who want to deal in their own languages we are also cooperating with the Norwegian Law firm Cramer Advokater.

Mortgage options
BOHA Estates S.L. are dedicated to customer care and service by giving the best advice for your Spanish finance solutions. We are working together with several major Spanish banks and through them we offer all avaliable mortgage products.

We are also directly cooperating with Nykredit. Nykredit is Denmark's largest mortgage bank, and one of the largest private bond issuers in Europe.

Please contact us and we will look at your individual case and quote the best options for you.

Documentation necessary to obtain mortgage:

If employed:
P60 or equivalent (income tax declaration)
Latest 3 pay slips
Last 3 months bank statements
Passport copy

Self-employed person:
Last years tax declaration (Notice of assessment for Ireland)
Last 6 months bank statements
Passport copy
Internal accounts signed by accountant
Letter from chartered accountant stating:
nature of business, confirming last years' earnings, forecast for this year

Limited company:
As self-employed plus
Director’s report signed by accountant

For more information please contact us at +34 951 495 666 or email: